24 Hour Emergency Burst Pipe Water Restoration

Emergency Sewage Cleanup NJ

REA Floors LLC. Flood Damage and Restoration Company, provides emergency flood sewage removal in Northern New Jersey caused by floods, broken or busted pipes, appliance malfunctions or damage and sewage overflows. Our team of qualified and professional experts will arrive immediately to extract and repair the areas that were damaged and affected by flood and water.

We provide quick and thorough water extraction and removal for:

  • Dry and Concrete Walls
  • Hardwood and Ceramic Floors
  • All Carpets and padding
  • Area  and Oriental Rugs
  • Ceilings and floor bases

Because stagnate water that settles indoors will cause and contribute to a number of health risk problems. We need to extract and remove the problem as quickly as possible. We use the most modern equipment, eco-friendly solutions and the latest in flood and water removal methods to extract all water, completely dry the affected area and dehumidify the damaged room and area.

We specialize in removal of "black" water that contains pathogenic agents that fester from sewage or other water contaminant sources. Since sewage damage will cause discomfort or sickness if exposed to humans, we will provide immediate action to extract the sewage damage thus preventing serious health issues. The reason why we are extremely responsive because if water removal will damage all walls, carpets, wood floors, and ceilings in your house or place of business. We have saved and revitalized many, wet wood floors, ceiling, carpets and basements with our expert flood restoration methods. Remember that one microscopic organism can multiply to more than one billion organisms in less than 24 hours, you need to act fast!When Mother Nature causes flood damage or an unexpected pipe bursts please contact us at (800) 398-9007 for a free estimate and fast response to the water problem. We will be at the site immediately  to remove, clean and dry the problem very quickly.

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24 Hour Emergency Burst Pipe Water Restoration